Peer Support Project Launch

By RADDAG, Nov 29 2020 09:00AM

We are excited to announce that RADDAG has received funding from the National Emergencies Trust to establish a local peer support network, of disabled people, for disabled people and to develop a safe space where disabled people have the opportunity and confidence to share lived experiences and to shape local decisions.

We will be recruiting volunteers to get involved in the project, who will have the opportunity to attend a series of training and development sessions which will include an introduction to peer support, facilitation skills and confidence building to cover an element of feeling confident in sharing lived experiences. There will be a development session where local decision makers including commissioners, policy makers and Elected Members will be asked to share information about the local decision making process and where there are opportunities for local residents to input into these, for example through area forums, elected members weekly surgeries. An input will also be given around an introduction to volunteering, safeguarding and the history of the disability movement including an introduction to the Social Model of disability for those volunteers who are unfamiliar with the concept, which underpins all of the work of RADDAG.

Volunteers will be supported to develop peer support groups around specific topics or issues or interest and will be developed as a safe space where people feel comfortable and supported. We aim to reduce feelings of being alone and unite people with a common purpose.

The outcomes of the project will be a newly developed network of local disabled people who feel confident and are supported to input their lived experience of barriers into the decision making process, to bring about change and have a real impact on their ability to live independently. This network will also be a space for disabled people to offer and receive peer support, giving an opportunity to share skills and experience with other disabled people who lack confidence or are experiencing barriers, to reduce the feeling of 'being alone' and recognising that everyone is part of something bigger.

If you would like to get involved in the project either as a volunteer peer supporter or you would like to receive support please email [email protected]

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