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17 Aug 17

Fire Safety at home

Rochdale Borough Fire & Rescue Service offer some fire safety advice for keeping yourself and your home safe.

Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm is a warning device that detects smoke at the earliest stages of fire. Without a smoke alarm you are putting yourself and your property at an unnecessary risk. Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service has a scheme available to residents living within the Greater Manchester area. After completion of a simple form, a 'Home Fire Risk Assessment' can be carried out, where we provide as many 10 year battery smoke alarms as necessary, do a room by room safety check and explain escape plans for your property.

In Rochdale Borough the Fire Service are now working in partnership with Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Councilís Home Improvement Agency, offering the same service, using staff trained by the Fire & Rescue Service, and offering the same 10 year battery smoke alarms.

You can apply for this service by:

Telephoning 0800 555 815 Quote TF/045 OR

Visiting www.manchesterfire.gov.uk and go to Home Fire Risk Assessment.


  • Fit a smoke alarm on each floor of where you live
  • Make a fire action plan so that everyone in the house knows how to escape
  • Never leave cooking or candles unattended
  • Stub out cigarettes property and never smoke in bed
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children
  • Take care when you have been drinking alcohol
  • Do not attempt to tackle a blaze yourself

Get Out, Stay Out and Call us Out

Preventing Fires

  • Make regular checks around the house for potential hazards
  • Turn appliances off before bed
  • Close doors
  • Never leave cooking unattended
  • Chip pan fires Kill Do not overfill with oil, (1/3 full), dry chips prior to cooking
  • Do not attempt to tackle any fire
  • Never leave candles unattended
  • 60% of domestic fires start in the kitchen
  • Know where your keys are, so you can use them to escape
  • Keep wheelie bins and rubbish away from your house to prevent unnecessary fires spreading to your house

Useful Links

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service - www.manchesterfire.gov.uk Fire Kills Campaign - www.firekills.gov.uk Health & Safety Executive - www.hse.gov.uk Fire Gateway - www.fire.gov.uk


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