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17 Aug 17

Blue Badge Scheme Changes

Transport Minister Rosie Winterton has announced a series of changes to update the Blue Badge disabled persons parking scheme and make it tougher on fraud.

The changes came into force on October 15th.

From then the design of the Blue Badge has change. The biggest single change is the introduction of an anti-fraud hologram to prevent forgeries. In addition, as a result of feedback from consultation, the new badge includes a gender specific serial number to aid parking enforcement and clearer information about the use and abuse of the scheme directly on the badge.

The changes also include:

Extending the scheme to children under two who, because of their specific medical conditions, need to travel with bulky medical equipment or be close to a vehicle for emergency medical treatment.

Extending the scheme to include people with severe disabilities in both arms who drive non-adapted vehicles regularly but are unable to operate parking meters, such as people with Thalidomide-related disabilities.

Rosie Winterton said: “In addition, a strategic review of the Blue Badge Scheme is being carried out and will report to me later this month. This will lead to the publication of a comprehensive reform strategy by April 2008 which will help us continue to improve the scheme, making it fairer, more consistently administered and easier to understand.”

The strategic review is looking at a wide range of issues including future eligibility criteria and whether people with temporary disabilities should qualify for the scheme.

The new regulations are available in full on the Office for Public Sector Information website at www.opsi.gov.uk

(Story first reported in mobility today magazine)

For more information see: Office for Public Sector Information


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