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17 Aug 17

Winter Motoring

With the weather getting increasingly colder and the mornings and evenings getting darker it is very important before setting out on any journey whether long or short to do some basic checks on your car

It is important to check:

  • The spare tyre isn't flat
  • The wheel nuts aren't too tight to undo
  • That you know how to jack up the car or have membership to a motoring organisation such as the RAC or AA
  • The wiper blades are intact and fully functional
  • The washer bottle is full with an antifreeze mix
  • You have a can of de icer and a scraper
  • The other fluid levels are correct
  • All your lights are working
  • That there is enough petrol in the tank for the journey

It is also a good idea to have a wind up rechargeable torch which also has mobile phone charger adaptors to keep in the glove box, a warning triangle and a high visibility vest... both cheap and might save your life, a good set of jump leads... if not to start your car maybe one of a friend.

Whilst in the Summer it is recommended that you drive off as soon as possible after the engine is started, in Winter it is crucial that all windows are clear of frost, ice and internal fogging before driving off. Im sure weve all noticed each morning lots of cars being driven with the driver peering through a letter box sized slot in the windscreen, this is madness, and an accident waiting to happen. Also, never be tempted to defrost a windscreen with a kettle full of boiling water, this can lead to a cracked windscreen.  Warm water is OK but never boiling hot, the stresses caused in a frozen windscreen are just too much.  Finally, every so often a squirt of WD 40 type moisture dispersant in all locks is a good idea.


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