Rochdale and District Disability Action Group

17 Aug 17

Access Audit

Access Audit Service

Did you know that from October 2004 the Disability Discrimination Act became law?

The Disability Discrimination Act part 3, along with BS8300 and Part M of the Building regulations place a duty on those providing goods, facilities and services to the public to make reasonable adjustments to their policies, practices, procedures and premises to ensure that they do not discriminate against disabled people.

You must take the Disability Discrimination Act seriously to reduce the risk of litigation.

Our Service

RADDAG's dedicated Access Team through experience and training are now leading the way in identifying and removing barriers which deny disabled people access to mainstream society.

RADDAG can provide you with two types of Access Audit:

1) Walk and Talk

Our Auditor will accompany you around you premises and its immediate access routes, we will talk you through the actions required to make your building, information and services accessible to all. You will be responsible for taking notes and recording actions.

2) Full Access Audit

Our Auditor will discuss with you how your building and services are used by members of the public before going around your building and immediate access routes, i.e. from the nearest bus stop, taking notes on what actions you will need to take to make your building, information and services accessible to all and compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act. We will produce a full written report including actions that need to be taken.


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